No response from tech support?

I sent the following message few times, and haven’t heard back. It’s been a week or so. How long does a response usually take? Thanks…

Hi. I’ve been enjoying my beat buddy, until-

I keep getting a “no song” error message.

After looking through forums, this is what I have done:

Downloaded the SD backup content and the current firmware

Erased my SD card using disk utility on a macbook pro

I believe my unit all ready had the current firmware version, I bought it from Sweetwater in Feb of this year.

I mention that because when I follow the instructions, unpacking the firmware on to the SD card with the content, inserting the card in the beat buddy and then connecting power, it never tries to update the firmware and continues to display the no song message.
I’m in the middle of a four week rotation, so time is crucial. Your quick response with any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Unusual for @BeatBuddy Support to not be responsive if you sent it to

Did you reformat your SD card after erasing it? If so, that might be the issue. You don’t usually need to use Disk Utility to delete files from your SD card—just select all the files on the SD card and drag them to and then empty the trash.

Check your forum inbox for a PM

I see no emails from the email address associated with your account. Did you send an email to or ?

I’ll PM you now to assist you further.

UPDATE- I was indeed sending to contact rather than support. BB staff contacted me right away after posting, and a solution is in the works. Excellent response, I feel much better about relying on this pedal now.

I’m sure you and Singular staff will get ir worked out, but for other Mac users out there, remember, if you ever have to erase your SD card, do not format it as a MAC OS volume. It needs to be formatted as MS-DOS FAT or ExFAT.

Indeed. I reformatted as ExFat. At first, I just moved the files to the trash. When it still wasn’t working, I decided to reformat. Ultimately, I picked up a new SD card and loaded original content and firmware just to be sure. I suspect this unit will require a clean install including licensing files, basically what they must be doing after they are assembled…but I don’t really know. Just glad they reached out to me. Thanks again!

Phil, are you sure you didn’t mean to say “it needs to be formatted as MS-DOS (FAT-32)”?

This is why the user had problems—he erased and formatted as ExFAT instead of MS-DOS (FAT-32).

Correct. My bad. I knew that Fat-32 works, I wasn’t sure if ExFat worked if not, but the 4gb limit would never be an issue with BB files, so the MS-DOS(FAT) makes perfect sense. For sure, no Mac format works. It would be nice if disk utility told us which one was fat-32, but that’s an Apple issue.

AHAAAA!!! That was it! I still don’t know what caused the no song message in the first place, as I didn’t reformat until I started having problems, but I fresh install as fat32 fixed it. You guys rock! Many thanks.

Thanks for letting us know.