No SD card error

My BB has this annoying bug where for no apparent reason at any random time during a beat it will stop altogether, display the 'No SD card error" message, then reboot itself and pretend like nothing happened!!

Luckily i’m still in practice room mode so no egg on face in front of other musos or an audience.
It has happened three times now.
The last time it happened, it was just playing a beat and hadn’t been stomped on for an hour or so, and had been doing fine for about 8 hours before that (with lots-o-stomp)
Are there any known reasons (voodoo included) why this might happen, and therefore anything I can do to make it not happen again.


The random reset bug is a firmware issue. Please email and request firmware version 1.75 - I will give it to you.



Thanks for your efforts.
New firmware installed.
I’ll let you know how things go in a week or so.

Cheers, Nags

Has not glitches once.
Safe to say this issue sorted.

Thank you,

It’d be nice if there could be a delay before reporting “No SD card” on powering up the BB. It appears briefly every time the BB is powered up, even thought the card is in and is detected correctly within a few seconds. (I’m on the latest beta firmware).