"NO SD CARD" issue with my BeatBuddy


My BBuddy stopped working properly after I installed the BBManager, used it to upload the BBuddy SD card content to my Windows laptop (just to check the software) and after placing the SD card with the same original content back in the BBuddy (card inserted before switching unit on, 'course)

The BBuddy displays a flashing “NO SD CARD” message alternating with very quick flashes of the “Blues 1” information. I checked the BBuddy forum and followed some of the recommended steps. i.e. delete the SD card content, download the factory backup file, unzip it and put the content on the SD card, to no avail. I also reformatted the SD card to FAT32, loaded the factory content but the problem persists.

Please help! Thanks!


Please follow instructions in this thread - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=519&p=771#p771.

Reformatting SD card for BeatBuddy is NOT recommended, as this kills the device firmware. You will need to restore it - download and simply unpack firmware files next to the content.

Please use the specified thread for your further feedback. Thanks!