No SD Card message - any ideas from technically minded users?

Whilst I wait for tech support to answer my email, I thought I would find out if anyone out there has any tips. I turned on my year old BB earlier today and it came up with “No SD Card”. I tried my backup SD card. Same message. I followed the instructions in the sticky thread, downloading the zipped SD Card Backup file set and the latest Firmware. Put it all on a newly formatted, completely blank read/write SD card. Same “No SD Card” message. Did the same thing with my backup SD card, same message. So what do you think? Has anyone else experienced this?

A quick thought but it’s something you’ve probably already tried:

  • power off to the pedal
  • remove card
  • power up pedal
  • insert card

BTW, can you still read which f/w version is installed?

Many thanks for your reply. Yes I tried taking out the card, re-powering and inserting as you suggest. Did it a dozen times with both SD cards. I can read the F/W version on the BB box, pressing the right hand two buttons and going to “About Beatbuddy”, its the latest F/W version that I put in a few weeks back.

F/W 1.85

Has anything else changed, Tim? Still using the power source that came with it?

It almost sounds like there’s nothing but the f/w loaded on the card. Can you do a print screen of the SD card contents and post it here?

  • you could try making a change to any of the pedal settings and then removing/reinserting the card
  • another thought is to revert to version 1.4.1

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