No separate Headphone Cue Volume

I’m sure this is been covered elsewhere, but I cannot find it. Please direct me to a thread if you know.

Perhaps there is a setting I cannot find. The BB main volume also controls a headphone volume. So, when I turn down the main volume the headphone volume is silent. That means the headphone cannot be used as a cue beat/metronome without sending the same to Main (for all to hear). I suppose I could reverse it, with headphones going out to main mix and Main as a headphone cue, but that seems “very strange…in my ears and in my eyes” (Sorry, bad Beatles humour).

What am I doing wrong?

Does the headphones volume wheel on the side of the pedal do anything to control volume?

If not, you should contact

Yes. Works fine, but only to the extent where Main volume is set. If Main set to zero it doesn’t matter where I set the headphone…silent.

Main works like a bus send and HP works like bus volume.

It seems like this is normal behavior for the pedal as I observe the same thing.

Interesting that the volume of the headphones output jack is not independently controllable from the main output.

I’m using firmware 4.0.1 and I don’t see any settings that can be changed.

Can you comment? And is this hardware or worthy of a feature request? It would solve a lot of cue issues.

Would love HP cue beat with instrument(s) with silent Main output, no beat, no through instrument(s) (both on MIDI of course). And if possible HP cue beat with instrument(s) with beat silent in Main output, but through of instrument(s).

Otherwise a midi controlled or Footswitch selected mixer in needed.

Hello there,

No this is not a bug, and we likely will not be changing this.

The reason it works this way is to allow the user to “mix” pass through and main volume on the headphones. As you know, there is no way to set volume for passthrough except on the headphone outs, and so this allows the user to mix into their headphones.

Thanks for the question

I didn’t think it was a bug, but a limitation. Mixing pass through to headphones is great, but mixing beat to Main would also be great. There is no extra knob to turn, but could it be done in the software on MIDI or a settings choice? It is very common for loopers (with way less quality drums than BB) to have a metronome or beat that does not go to the audience.

Many people use it, some do not, but I cannot see any reason to not have cue beat/metronome as a feature.

Unfortunately, the BB cannot accomplish this, it does not have advanced routing capabilities beyond what is already possible.

Upon reflection, no need for a mixer. I will send the BB Main out to a “mute-box” on a footswitch. A little solder and I’ll have HP cue mix with mute-able Main output.

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