No sound after recording a loop

Hello. My looper/pedalboard setup had been working fine until today.
I didn’t change anything in my setup since last time I used it but now I can not record anything into aeros.

Everything seems to be working fine. Input signal shows there is sound going into aeros and I hear everything fine in my speaker.
But when I record, I just see a straight line in my track and no sound.

I have tried restarting aeros but doesn’t fix it.

Appreciate any help I can get to resolve this.


If when you record you just see a straight line, the problem may be your input source for recording.
Check that you are using the correct one in the global settings:

I hope it helps

Hello. My recording source was changed to Aux In.
I don’t recall changing those setting so don’t know what happened.

This fixed my issue. Thanks!!

Hello @amjhd

Glad it fixed your problem. I guess you wanted to flag my post as the solution to your problem instead of yours :wink:

Hey! Sorry about that. Thanks again!

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No problem, was just kidding :). Glad to see your problem fixed.