No Sound at All

I have no sound at all coming from my Beat Buddy, there is nothing through either the Phone Socket or when connected to my PA.
I have re installed the latest Firmware 1.4 but still nothing, all the volume and headphone volumes are turned up. It was working perfectly till this morning. many thanks.

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I have no sound from either the Phones Output or through the PA, I have tried updating the latest Firmware 1.4 but it is still dead, the screen is showing that it is playing the song but no sound.
I would be grateful for any help. thanks

Looks exactly like there is a problem with the SD card.

Erase everything from the SD card (or format it altogether), go grab SD Card Backup archive from the downloads page.
Unpack the archive to the SD card so that you can see at least DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS folders on the SD card.

If your BeatBuddy still doesn’t work after you’ve completed the above steps, please post here.

All sorted, if in doubt just start from the beginning. Cheers peeps