No sound by playing with bb manager

today i installed bb manager on my new pc but when i want to play a song from bb manager there is no sound on my speaker. All other programs produce sound except bb manager.
On my pc i use terratec phase 88 soundcard.
Can anybody help me?


Double check your default sound card in Start > Control Panel > Sound > Change sound card settings. The correct one should be chosen there.

Also make sure BBManager is not muted in default sound mixer in Start > Control Panel > Sound > Volume settings.

everything is okay but the sound is still not here!


Theoretically it could be the problem with the installation. Can you provide a screenshot of contents of the directory where you’ve installed BBManager to? There should be an ‘audio’ directory in it, that contains ‘qtaudio_windows.dll’.

Everything is here (see screenshots). I reinstalled everything but its still the same?


I found it out but dont ask me how i did it. I readed at www thats a problem with the terratec phase88 driver under windows7 so i routed the system sounds to the internal soundcard and mjy homerecoding sound to the terratec and now it works.

[B]Thank you for your help.


I was in the process of writing a reply, but you went ahead in like a minute or so!

That’s great! :slight_smile: