I am having an issue that recently happened. I’m not even sure why…
One day I had sound, the next day I don’t have sound at all from the BB.
I have checked everything, but the BB still won’t make a sound.
Everything seems fine, but nothing is coming out.
Am I being too repetitive?
Just don’t understand why one day it’s working and the next it isn’t.
I’ve only had the BB for about 6 months or less. I recently updated my firmware on it, but that isn’t the problem because it was doing it prior to the update. Has anyone else had this problem?
Please help! Thanks!!


Hi Aaron. Here’s a checklist of the things that you might have already tested, but in case you haven’t

  • checked the main volume knob? what Vol percentage does it read on the LCD?
  • how about the Phones Volume wheel on the right side of the pedal? turned up?
  • are you using the Output jacks and are either left or right not providing sound?
  • what about the Phones output jack—no sound from here either?
  • tried a different cable to your speakers or a different set of headphones?

If you’re still having problems, please contact

Hello Persist,
Thanks for responding…
I’ve tried every one of those possible solutions to no avail.
That’s what’s so mind boggling! I’ve changed cables from the L/R outputs, I’ve checked the phones jack, all volumes are up, and my speakers are working just fine because I have other instruments, etc. going through the mixer and then into the speakers.
(Yes…I’ve double checked the mixer settings too :slight_smile: ).
It’s so frustrating because I had audio just the other day and now I’ve not had audio from the BB in 3 or 4 days.
I can’t figure it out. :frowning:
Any other possible solutions/suggestions?

A couple more things to check and try before contacting Support:

  • check that you are using the power adaptor that came with the pedal
  • Sync your Project to SD card (that way you’ll have a backup of your files on the BeatBuddy Manager—BBM) and erase all of the files on your SD card. Install firmware 1.8.5 and then export your Project from BBM to your SD card and Sync
  • The other option is to start out with a new SD card and install the firmware and then export your Project to your SD card
  • if this fails, please contact Support

Please check your forum Inbox.

Hi Persist,
I am using the chord that came with the BB.
I don’t have any projects that I’ve created, so no worries there.
I’m still familiarizing myself with what’s already there.
I will wipe the SD card than then see if that works. I’ll use a new SD card too.

Thanks for your help. Hope that brings it back to life!


Can you expand on “everything seems fine”? Do you see other indications that the BB thinks it’s playing the songs? Specifically:

  • does the visual metronome progress across the screen after you press ‘play’?
  • does the screen show that fills and transitions are active when you make the appropriate presses of the pedal after you start the song?

If the BB’s computer thinks it’s playing then your issues are either in the output stages of the BB’s circuitry or external to the BB (cabling, amp or soundboard problem). You should also confirm that the problem is with the BB by taking the exact external setup (cables, amps etc.) is working by hooking it up to another sound source right after you test the BB.

From what you’ve described and assuming the BB’s processor is fully functional, it sounds like the buffer stage for the BB output has failed.


Hey RG
Everything did seem fine when I was sending these messages, but now all I have is a white screen that shows the words (Genre and Time) on it. This is what occurred after formatting the SD card and restoring the data files…including the latest firmware update.

I have no idea now what’s going on. :frowning:

All I know is the BB was working fine one day, the next day when I went to use it…it wasn’t working anymore.
I attached another music item to the cables (per your suggestion) and everything worked fine. I got audio from that sound module, so the cables work, the mixer channels work, everything externally works outside of the BB. That was using the same cables, etc. that the BB was connected to.

Now after trying the format suggestion, I have nothing but a white screen on the BB.


Sounds like you have an SD card problem, not a BB hardware problem. User Persist can better assist you with that.

Aaron, please check your forum Inbox.