No sound from new BB after exporting files to SD card from BBmanager

I recently bought another BB, then took my SD card out of my previous BB that contains all my songs/setlist and popped it into the new BB. NO SOUND. Hmmm. Strange. So I popped back in the SD card that came with the BB into the BB and SOUND comes out. Great. Assumed I must have a defective SD card. Nope.

Started BBmanager (Mac) and my songs/setlist are all there on screen. Inserted the “good” default SD card that came with the new BB in to my Mac and used the “File, Export, To SD Card” to transfer all my premium songs (bought from BB) to the SD card that came with the BB. Popped the SD card into the BB and…NO SOUND. Hmmm…BeatBuddy…we have a problem.

So I tried my “old” BB SD card that held all my songs, deleted it completely, then downloaded the default SD files from the BB website and copied them to onto it. Sound worked GREAT. So I popped the SD card back into the computer, opened BBmanager and again used the “File, Export, To SD Card” to send all my premium song files/setlist to the SD card. Popped it into the BB and…NO SOUND. So the problem isn’t with the SD cards. It’s a problem with the BBmanager software and/or firmware.

I’ve spent countless hours assembling nearly 100 songs and now I can’t get them on to the BB. Tried a second brand new BB and the same problem occures. NO sound coming out of BB after receiving files from BBmanager.

I’ve spent the past 6 hours testing every variable and there is a bug in either the BBmanager or the BBfirmware. Others have asked a similar question about “no sound from the BB” and the tech “support” answers have to do with checking volume etc. THAT’S NOT THE PROBLEM.

Need this solved within 7 days or BB goes back for a refund. Help!!


Note: I have the latest version of both BBmanager and BB firmware.

Since you imply that you’ve read and followed the advice posted to suggest you follow the last step from that thread.

Let us know how Support resolves your problem so that it might help others.