No Sound, No Nothing.

I have only recently received my Beat Buddy and I have downloaded the latest Firmware, I have also downloaded some of the Beatles Drum Tracks (many thanks still my favourite band at 66 years old) the problem is, I open Beat Buddy Manager and open the songs in there, but if I highlight the song as it says then press the Beat Buddy pedal to start NOTHING nothing moves and no sound is heard, I have tried it with my BeatBuddy connected to the Laptop and also without it connected but still the same result. Can some one please tell me where I am going wrong, also I want to add a Cow Bell to one of the Beat Buddy Extra Pedal for fills etc, can some one tell what the secret handshake is for carrying out that request lol.
Many thanks friends.

Well, currently BBManager doesn’t work in conjunction with the pedal, no matter connected to the USB or not. You can only use it to load the content either to the pedal or from it.
But you may use a virtual pedal picture that is located in the upper-left corner of the BBManager to preview your beats.

I think you already watched the official videos here on the forum.
So I advice you to check some youtube tutorial videos. For example, I find videos by Psalm40 to be the best.
Here is the link to his profile - check “Information” tab page to see his signature.

I have tried my pedal and the virtual pedal but nothing…

Can you please specify more precisely what exactly do you do, what do you expect and what doesn’t happen so I can further assist you?

If you have no sound coming out from your BBManager, you can try reinstalling the BBManager to see if it helps. I’ve seen this can happen if the installation folder is tampered and some files missing.

To clarify - when you press virtual pedal in BBManager, does the beat indicator start?

When I press the Virtual nothing at all happens Cheers

This can only mean that you either didn’t load the project, or (most likely) you don’t have the latest BBManager version.
Get one from here -

Also make sure you have a song selected (or highlighted) in the main area prior to pressing virtual pedal.

Hi BB crew, I really need to know the appropriate set up re: which leads go where, etc? As I’ve recently ordered + received my BB. Now I specifically want to utilise the MIDI sync feature of the BB with my TC Helicon Voicelive 3. Just a run down on what I’ve attempted (but obviously unsuccessful); using BB as the master to VoiceLive 3 I’ve connected the MIDI cable OUT to IN with VL3. And that’s pretty much it. Am I missing something as there was no (BB) sound that came out - even after I’ve adjusted & tweaked the VL3 unit for MIDI sync. Please help as I really need to use both for my gigs. Thank you in advance! Will (Sydney, Australia)