No sound on BBM

When i open BBM on my laptop I can no longer get sound. Checked all drum kits. reinstalled BBM but to no avail. metronome still tells me its playing. Please help

[]Check that the volume isn’t muted on your laptop and turned up—you can also try headphones
]Make sure that you have the drum set that’s recommended for the song
[*]Click the drum set tab in the left pane and doublecheck that the checkbox for that drum set is still checked

Also be sure that you are trying to play a part of the song that has sound. If you are playing an OPB with just a null main loop and an outro, the song is in the outro. Try clicking the play arrow in the various parts of the song to see if anything plays.

Also, check to see if you can get sound from other sources, such as YouTube.

I combined the two posts above into troubleshooting steps at

In regards to the suggestion #2 above: "Make sure that you have the drum set that’s recommended for the song"

In order to know if you have the required drum kit for the song in question, look for the asterisk * mark next to the name of the drum kit. If it has an asterisk you dont have that kit installed into the BBM yet and would have to find it in the resources area (if still available) or purchase it if its a paid one and then extract and install it.
I had a similar issue when I was brand new and was wondering why the song didnt sound right, and it was because I had the wrong kit installed for that song.