no sound using right-side input

Using the L (mono) input for a guitar, everything works, no problem. I plug a second guitar into the R input, and I only continue to get sound from the L input. I unplug the L input, leaving one guitar plugged into the R input, and I get nothing. Same behavior regardless of which guitar I plug into L and/or R. Shouldn’t L and R work simultaneously, or is that somehow only for true stereo instruments?

I saw several similar topics, so you’d better email support directly at to make sure your BeatBuddy is working properly.

OK, I’ve emailed

You’ll get in touch shortly.
Usually this takes no longer than a day or two.

oops, I was assuming that when there’s only one output being used, then both inputs would be mixed to the L output. But @persist let me know that it’s:

Left input = left output (only)
Right input = right output (only)

which is, in fact, working correctly on my BB.

Actually, I wonder why the L is designated “mono.” I mean, I can plug a single input into R and have it at the R output, so that makes both L and R mono, right? The difference led me to assume that some sort of smart mixing happens when the device detects that there’s only one output being used.

Hi Jimmy…you might find my post interesting. In my case, my BB was replaced and the problem was resolved.