No sounds/beats coming from BeatBuddy. Ideas?

Okay…must be something obvious. Can’t hear any sounds out of the Beat Buddy. So broke it down the the basics. I can see the beat playing on the display, can change from verse to chorus etc. All looks normal.

  1. Plugged in a headset. Turned up the headset volume. Nothing.
  2. Connected the L(mono) OUT on the BeatBuddy directly into my Mackie PA speaker. Nothing.

What am I missing? Totally frustrated.

Are you trying this with one of the default songs and kits, or is this a homemade song or kit?

Using one of the Tom Petty songs I bought from BeatBuddy. I’ve tried multiple songs and no sound from the Line Out or Headphone jack.

Two things to try before contacting support. 1) upgrade to the 2.0.4 firmware if you have not done so already. 2) make sure you are using the correct power supply.

Beyond that, it sound like something is amiss in the amplification circuit of the pedal.