No text anymore! Mystery

Suddently I have no text anymore on the Maestro
I try different solution, but nothing works
I contact SingularSound Support today
TX for any help

for help

Hey there,

Quick question, are you sure you wrote the commands to page 1 on the MIDI maestro app? You may have started writing commands on another page and so the first one is blank, you could also check if other pages have text by scrolling pages with an ext footswitch.

Let me know thanks!

If not Support will be best to help you out :slight_smile:

Yes the page 1 was writing sure at 300% because it’s my starting page to navigate to the other

I tried with a external footswitch but all was blank !

I saw the first letter of the name of the first switch (top left) changing before crashing .

I was busy to set up my custom mode and works perfect, but this happen suddently after a good 40 minutes

BUT the good news is that’s now working fine again

What I did :

  • When it was blank, I pressed the 2 switches together (bottom left + middle) and saw the text comeback
    But wierd ,the function of the switches works when was engage

  • I change some characters I had characters like “===>>>” and "<<<=== " with the app But I don’t think this is the reason !

  • I reset the default Midi settings on the Beatbuddy .

  • I put a brand new midi cable (but the previous one was not old) , could be the issue I guess

Brennan, it was like the end of the world for me , I cannot miss the Maestro with my Aeros and Beatbuddy ,The Best mate to control both !

Thanks to Singular Sound support for fast answer !!

Sorry for the incoveniences

The use of special characters could very likely have been the cause of your issue. Although this was an earlier problem with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), it could have also happened with the Maestro. You might want to see if you can replicate the symptoms by using those same special characters again and then follow up with the forum.

Hi persist
I replace 5 characters with " ===>>>" and It seems to work with no problem !
I don’t play a lot, gonna see if it’s happen at longer play time

Seem to be good !
Now maybe the reason of the blank screen (I forgot to say)
It’s because I sync a lot of time in a row, cause I was busy to reorganize my custom !

Hi Persist
I contact the support again, because I had again a problem with this character (I think)
I make a video, just when it’s happen

Could it be the new update of the Aeros ? That mess the midi? Because all is connected together?
I don’t know , but I gonna remove this ===>>> and <<<=== with only << and >>

Stay tuned, I gonna test this a few day’s to see what’s happen


Thanks for keeping us in the “loop” :rofl:

Once you get it all sorted out, you might also want to let know what you found.

I think it’s the 4.0 update that mess the midi
I had another issue (video sending to support again)
I downgrade to 3.5.1 and issue was fixed

A question
I have a lot of problems with the new update 4.0 (somes videos sending to support)
All my commands are on channel 1, I mean for Aeros and Beatbuddy, Can it be the reason?
I ask that because I had problem with the MM, suddently I had a problem with the BB, suddently I had a problem with Aeros?
It is to believe that something is happening in the midi route with 4.0 firmware?