No way back to home screen in 3.3.0

Switch Aeros on.

Get home screen.

Choose loop studio.

Previously pressing the screen outside any of the buttons would take you back to the home screen. It no longer does so.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

There is a button specifically for going to the Home Screen. Press that. (I know what you mean, I noticed that too. I figured it was intentional)

Now I feel stupid. Having never pushed the button before I didn’t even look for it.

Thanks for pointer.

Hey there!

No issue, it’s happened to me too! Got used to the old way haha!

We had to clean up that function of the touchscreen to allow for clearer defined touch-points for locking and opening on the screen, seeing there is already a home button, we decided there was no use in this hidden feature.

I’m entirely on board with the change. It’s entirely sensible to make it a button. It was my own user interface inertia that made me go wrong, not your choices.

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