Noise and Pops

I’m using the BB with an Infinity Looper, connected via Midi and I am having an issue with excessive noise and popping when depressing buttons on the looper. Both devices have the latest firmware and when I take the BB out of the chain the problem goes away. I have other effects pedals in front of the looper and the BB is after the looper. Any help would be appreciated as the BB is unusable at this point. Thanks.

Double check the power supplies. Try different outlets - there actually were some user posts with similar problems, and they all were solved using proper grounding.

Proper grounding? What do you mean “proper grounding”? All devices are grounded at the same point (electrically) and when the BB is not in the chain the problem goes away.

I remember quite clear a case when a user has exactly your problem who got it fixed when he used another power outlet for BeatBuddy.
Another such case was caused by a bad audio cord (grounding insulation was damaged) - no clicking noise after a replacement was made.

I will definitely try changing the outlet but that seems to defeat the purpose if one is trying to use this thing live. By simply removing the BB from the chain and routing the output to another amp, the problem is gone without changing the AC outlet it is using. My problem is not “ticking”, it is a very loud pop when the switches are depressed on the looper and a constant noise in the amp.

Well I changed the power outlet and the signal cable and it is working like I thought it would to begin with! Don’t really know if it was the power source or signal cable but I’m leaning toward the signal cable since the outlet is the same ground potential. Thanks for the help! I’m having a ton of fun with this thing. Going to try it with my Rang III in a little while. Best pedal I have purchased, ever!

I am really happy to read that you have sorted this out!

Have fun, and don’t forget to share the results with us! Something like a video of you having fun with your BeatBuddy :slight_smile: