Noise issue with my beloved BeatBuddy


I just got a Beat Buddy but I have noises issue with it.

-If I plug my BB straight into my audio device (using cubase) : everything is perfect, no noise.

-If I plug the BB in my guitar amps (Vox ac15 and Roland AC60 acoustic amp), then there is a pchhhhh (noise) comming from the BB into my amps.

When the BB volume is cut, the noise still bzzzz.

When I change the drum set, the noise is even bigger like an old modem or an old computing device from de 20th century!

I check different cables but the noise still buz.

Did anybody solve a similar issue? Thanks a lot for your help!


I just realize that the noise issue is happening only in stereo config, the mono config works fine. I have tried different cables but a buzz is still ringing…

Third discovery :

when I use the headphones straight into the BB, with nothing else plugged into the BB :

-Noise (hum) without starting any song.
-Big noise (similar to a old computing device like a modem or sth) when changing, swapping drum sets.

Is it a common humming/ noise that everybody experience with the BB?

Thank you very much for your help,


The one thing in common for the source of noise seems to be the pedal. Recommend trying the following:
[]Make sure you are using the power adaptor that came with the pedal
]Reinstall the latest firmware (2.0.4)
If this does not work, please contact

Hi! Thank you to take time to answer about the noises issue. I will try this, have a nice day, Samuel