Noise out

Anyone had a problem with the Beat buddy outputting noise hiss from the out put when plugged into a desk
I been using the Mackie Ipad system and and the BB puts out too much noise when not playing ,I sent the pedal back to thomann and they said it was ok but its still puts out too much hiss! please comment

Mine is mounted to my pedal board and seems to generate noise at times on startup (but not always) and by rotating/repositioning the power plug it at least reduces it to “acceptable for live” use. This has been easy to remedy and not a fatal issue in our use - besides our lead guitarist takes care of noise generation with his ever-changing piles of pedals anyway.

Depends how bad the hiss is it could be power supply related. Mine hiss a little bit, but it’s within normal level.
BeatBuddy and other power hungry digital pedals often don’t play nice with daisy chain or sharing power. Try Isolated power supply or maybe there is something plugged into the same power strip that makes it hiss (Unclean power).

Yes when on isolated switched power- no issues,
but when on battery such as volto ( and I ahve tried others)- electrical type noise

Hi there, I’ve got same issues with the “hiss” and “hum” when feeding the BB with a standard 300mA chord coming out from my DC8 power brick. All the cables (stereo for the BB and for the HX stomp) were inserted into a Yamaha USB12 analog mixer and especially the HX was “suffering” from the contemporary use with the BB. After having read some complaints and solutions about this problem (some also on this forum), I’ve decided to isolate with electrical tape ALL the metal jacks of the HX stomp and the BB but I believe that the true solution was to use the 1000 mV output of the DC8 brick to feed the BB. I mean that the little evil wants to be feeded properly and if - for any reason - the quality of the current provided is not adequate, he will hiss and hum like an angry, starving baby… Hope this will help :wink: