Noise problem

Hi everyone, just registered to try to find some help with my beatbuddy. I bought it used a while ago to use at home for practicing mostly.

Now the issue I’m having is that it’s constantly making a low staticky/electric buzz kind of sound. It comes through both the regular outputs and the headphone out and is the same volume regardless of what volume I have set on the beatbuddy (changing main volume and/or headphone volume makes no difference). The sound is there even if the beatbuddy isn’t playing, removing the SD card while it’s on makes the noise go away (though I suspect this is because the BB defeats the output when I pop out the card).

I’ve read through many threads about similar issues but haven’t found a solution.

Things I’ve tried:
Making sure the beatbuddy is connected to it’s own wall outlet
Switching SD card
Tried two different 9v adapters
Tried different output cables.

I get the feeling it has to do with the power supply, but I’m starting to think the pedal itself is defective.

Any ideas?

What version of the firmware are you using? If it isn’t at least 1.8.5, I’d recommend updating to 2.0.4.
It sounds like you’ve read post #2,
If you have any fluorescent lights nearby, you could try relocating and testing the pedal or turning off the lights or any nearby cell phone.
If none of the above work, try deleting the contents of your SD card and reloading the Default BeatBuddy Content Update and firmware.
If still not working, contact

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve had some interesting developments after trying them.

The noise is caused by the midi sync input! After unplugging everything and moving far from lights, computer monitors and such I tried it again and it was perfectly quiet. Then I moved it back and plugged in the power and audio cables same place as before, still no noise. Strange! So then I plug in a midi cable and there’s that hiss again. Unplugging it removes the noise immediately.

I have a cheap midi to usb cable that I was going to try to use to sync the BB with ableton. Pretty strange that the this would cause noise, but it’s not a huge deal to me since I wasn’t really using the midi anyway.

Anyone else who had this happen? Is there an easy fix? Otherwise I’ll probably just let it be.

Thanks again for the help.

First I’m reading of this on the forum but that doesn’t mean that someone else hasn’t had the same problem. What kind of cable are you using?
Assuming you’re using the BeatBuddy MIDI Sync Cable and not a home made adaptor so that this could be one of 3 issues:
[]defective MIDI patch cable that you’re plugging into the MIDI Sync Cable
]bad MIDI Sync Cable
[]bad PS 2 connection input jack on the BeatBuddy
Of these 3, I think the 1st one could be the culprit. A couple of things to test:
]a different MIDI patch cable making sure that they are correctly connected to the MIDI Sync Cable
[]connect the MIDI to USB cable between your computer and pedal; still making noise?
]if you don’t have the BB MIDI Sync Cable, it might be worth getting it along with a decent MIDI to USB cable l
[*]or like you said, not bothering since you’re not using MIDI anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m using the beatbuddy midi cable. There’s no patch, just connected straight to the computer with a midi to usb cable, kinda like the m-audio cable you linked but mine is some noname brand.

So probably a bad midi-to-usb cable, but I don’t think I’m getting a new one at this point, so I’ll leave it at that.

Still happy that I can use the beatbuddy properly now without being driven insane by that hiss.