Noise reading SD card

Hi, I’m getting a noise like an old dial up modem when my BB reads the SD card. This is accompanied by a constant low level hiss through the PA. Doesn’t do it all the time, the problem is intermittent. When I get this it is usually right from switch on, but it has done it a couple of times after running perfectly for a while, then there is a click and the hissing and loading noise start. I’m running power direct from mains adapter, SD card has been replaced several times, headphone volume is off, firmware updated, but still getting the issue. Love the BB for practice and composing, but would also like to use it live for solo performing but just can’t do that with this problem. Any ideas please?

May not be your problem but I ran into something similar. It turned out one or sometimes both instrument chords I was using to connect my BB pedal to the PA would work themselves just loose enough (about 1/8") to cause a bad connection and create noise. I would push them back in but as I used the pedal they would sometimes come back out slightly. I wound up replacing them with chords that stayed fully connected but I had to try a few. Apparently not all 1/4" tips are the same. Either that or the BB is very fussy about them. Same thing used to happen every once in while on my BB footswitch and when it did it always caused noise. It hasn’t happened any more ever since I used velcro to secure them to my pedal board.

Thanks for the reply Raymond. I’d expect the noise to be more constant with a lead problem. One day it’ll work fine, next day nothing touched and I get the problem. Just mailed BB direct with a short video showing the problem so hoping for a prompt reply. Here’s the problem on video… Oops file to big to upload I think!

Hi all,
to get rid of any noise you need to turn the beatbuddy’s volume knob to max and then adjust the volume on your mixer or PA. I adjust the gain on my mixer so it doesn’t reach the tilt and that way all works perfectly. I used to have a white background noise and some weird electronic buzz when the volume knob on the beatbuddy was at half the volume, but now it’s at full level the noise is gone. If you use the headphones then keep the main volume knob at 100% and do not go above 50% with the Headphone knob, that way you won’t here the noises either.
Hope this helped