Noise when connected to amplifier

When connected in line with other pedals and guitar the amp output becomes noisy to the point it is impossible to play over. The drum beat is not distorted however. If I remove the pedal no noise is heard.

If I connect to the aux input the noise level is lower but still present.

The problem exists with both my CUBE amps, a Fender Blues Junior . but not with my Blackstar amp
The Beat Buddy can be powered from a separate power box (BoxKing) or a mains 9v supply and no difference in noise levels.

Have you tried a different cable? Lower the output of the BB, lower the output of the headphone? I’ve read somewhere that sometimes installing the firmware again will help.

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How about when you connect the pedal as a standalone to any of your amps with a different patch cable and with the main pedal volume lowered to about 50%–is it still noisy?

Does it make noise when using the power adaptor that comes with the BeatBuddy (BB)?

Do you have or are you using a Line In from the BB to any of your amps?

Consider lowering the volume and/or gain on your amps as well as the BB pedal.

Many users run their pedal separately into their amps. Others do not use guitar amps, instead, running it through full range studio monitors, keyboard amps or PAs.

I’m having the same issue. If I connect ANY type of guitar pedal to the input of my BB I get a loud, constant “purring” sound through my amp. The pedal(s) connected to the BB input don’t even have to be activated to hear the purring, just simply connected. The BB alone with nothing connected to the input is perfectly silent. It doesn’t make a difference how the volume/gain are set, the purring stays the same. I don’t want to have to drag a separate speaker/amp around just for the BB. I also tried updating the Firmware, which was successful, but it did not help.

Apologies, been busy hence slow response.

Have changes cables, pedal order, no change. The factor which grabs my attention is the difference I hear with different amps, the Blackstar still plays non-distorted. This tells me it is an Impedance or earth leak problem, my gut instinct now is there is either a fault or a design problem

Reducing levels merely reduces the level of the noise. Had recently installed new firmware and no change

Hi, apologies for slow response, had work interfere with life.

Have not used BB PSU, my rig is for busking hence power pack.

I can play the pedal through a Blackstart direct, no noise. I have a Laney Freestyle where I play in through a Line in input, noise still prevalent. In any pedal order the noise is worse.
Have worked the levels and volumes no change to noise presence.
My instinct is this is faulty or it has design problem


My conclusion is the pedal is faulty or has a design glitch, I am leaning towards a design glitch

Andy T

Like others on this forum, I have not found the BB to be a particularly quiet or well-behaved device, especially when connected in one way or another to other devices. I went through all sorts of hoops trying to get it to live on a pedal board with just one other device! All I wanted was the BB for drums/bass and a tuner for my acoustic guitar on a compact pedal board, with both going to the inputs on a Behringer XR-18 digital mixer for a simple one-man show. I won’t go through all of failed attempts (failed=unwanted noise), just where I landed.

Pedals are BB and Boss TU-3 tuner. Power supply is a Voodoo Labs ISO 5 (powering both the BB and the tuner on separate isolated feeds). The BB goes to a Radial ProD2 (stereo DI) via 2x unbalanced 1/4"; followed by 2x balanced XLRs from the stereo DI to the mixer. The acoustic guitar goes through the tuner; tuner to a Radial ProD1 (mono DI) via unbalanced 1/4"; followed by a balanced XLR to the mixer. All bits fit (barely) on a compact Gator pedal board.

No more issues with noise.

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You could try using this if playing sound from BB through the Headphone Out.

What’s causing the hum is a ground loop electrical connection between the different devices. This device broke the ground loop and eliminated the hum. There are other hum eliminator devices out there. This is another one for 1/4" connections, though we haven’t tried it:
Behringer MicroHD HD400 Ultra-Compact 2-Channel Hum Destroyer

A couple of other thoughts …

  1. Most guitar amps, especially electric guitar amps, are notoriously noisy. Any “noisy” input source can make this many times worse. I personally would not try to run the BB through an electric guitar amp. Your mileage may vary.

  2. Hum eliminators are usually based on transformers to break the electrical connection between two devices. This is generally how a DI works, as well. It takes very good quality transformers to do this without degrading sound quality. This is why good DIs are expensive (like $150 and higher per channel).