Noises in midi file

Hello ,
in some of my self-made midi files with bass I have some clicks that I can not remove .
Can anyone help me with my problem ? I se the “rock with bass” kit.

my files here:


Error message saying we don’t have permission to view this page.

look to the files at this link:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work either. You could try to zip them and attach them in this thread. Might be better though to zip them and put them in Dropbox instead.

i think there ist a problem because i know it was working. I will upload it tomorrow!


look to this link:

Aashideacon says there will be a fix for this in the next software and firmware version. Fingers crossed.

Thank you,
that means there is nothig wrong with my midi file and after the next fix the problem is not here anymore, isnt it?
Can you say when this fix is available to download?


I had lost hope on it being fixed but looks like it’s happening. As far as I am concerned once this issue is sorted the beatbuddy is complete and there will be no more features I require.