Noisy Beat Buddy on battery power


Id like to get my Aeros, BB and Zoom MS 50-G on a bettery powered pedalboard. I tried a cheap Harley Benton unit but I get a low frequency kind of filtering noise when the BB is in the chain. The others work fine together.

Its not cos of power as it was a 1.2A unit and also makes the noise when its just BB and the Zoom (about 500mA draw)

Anyone know a battery powered psu that might fix this

What about this?

Has filtered outputs and supposedly isolated ones


M :slight_smile:

Hey there, you may want to try a dedicated PSU for the BeatBuddy, or using noise hum eliminator like one of these:

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Hi Brennan, how would these devices react to sustain/gain or tone of the guitar input?

Hey there, I believe it should have no effect because it will cancel out the 60 Hz (in EU 50Hz I believe) oscillation and any difference you add will not be part of what is canceled.

This would depend on how the devices work, I cannot speak to the full particularities of the products however, you may want to reach out to their support or ask about it on Amazon/ a forum.

Thanks Brennan.