Noisy Footswitch springs

I have just received my Beat Buddy with the additional footswitch. The main unit is top-class with fine engineering. However the additional footswitch is soooo noisy. You get the clunk of the switch and then squeak of the spring, all amplified by the aluminum housing. It’ll be fine on stage at a noisy gig. However, I couldn’t take it into the studio. Our sound man would flip his wig!
I contacted your ‘roadie’ guy with a video clip who told me that this was normal and although he might send me another, they all sound like this. Do you have plans to make a decent footswitch?

Some users have found that the Boss FS-6 is a good alternative. Other have tried changing the switches in the external pedal to quieter types.

I think that I can make this pedal work just fine but I should not have to. Unless we musicians hold these companies to account they will just put out any kind of rubbish, assuming we’ll keep paying for something new.