Noisy output

I’ve had my beat buddy for a couple of years, it’s always had a lot of white noise on the output. It’s not related to other things around it, as I get it in different locations, with different amplifiers. The sound starts when the pedal boots up, and pauses when my bass is playing through the input. I’m running the latest 3.99 firmware and that didn’t help. Any ideas? I looked through old posts on the subject and didn’t see anything helpful.

A new SD card sometimes helps.

How are you powering it?

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I use the power supply and SD card card that came with it.

The noise level is constant, not affected by the volume knob. When I am playing a note on the input with my bass the sound stops. It’s starts up again when the note stops. It happens on both outputs. If I run the volume at max it drowns out the noise fairly well, but to balance my bass I need it at about 60%.

I have found that if I share the power -even with 1 pedal - I hear noise - so I make sure that there is no other connection - using.5a as well - not 2-300ma


I suggest you plug into an isolated power supply, if you aren’t already.