Non-Delivery Problem

My BB and Footswitch were reported by USPS to be non-deliverable even though you emailed me that the shipping address was correct. I have written you a couple of times to resolve this and have received no additional response from your end for a few days as to how this will be resolved. Can anyone there help me out? Thanks!

Please forward your problem directly to!

I have and its been a couple of days since I received their initial “We’re looking into it” response. In fact, I sent a follow-up several times in the last few days and still none of them have been answered…Can you please help?

Believe me, I would love to be able to assist you with your problem! Unfortunately, it is beyond my current capabilities. I am sorry.

I believe there was a page where you could manually edit your posting address. I can’t tell you your personal link there, but you can try checking for the email letter in your inbox.

Topic: Please confirm your shipping address
From: BeatBuddy: Guitar pedal drum machine

There should be a link.

But while all of what I am saying is probably very inspiring and stuff, I am afraid this could be in vain :confused: I am not sure if you edit your shipping address NOW, some cool magic happens and your BeatBuddy will continue shipping to you.

But I promise you, I will do everything I probably can to inform our support about the problem you are having. Sorry for delays, there is a lot of work these days guys are having :frowning: Thanks for your understanding. Stay with us, your problem will be solved!

They already have all of this. Basically, they wrote me they would take care of it then just disappeared. My follow-up emails aren’t answered, etc. Very frustrating as I was probably one of the first to sign on to this project when it was first announced. In addition, I really wanted to review BB for some groups I moderate/curate on FB which have over 1k members. I’m at a total loss to figure out whats going on. I realize these guys are very busy with the rollout - but c’mon… Thanks again for your help!

I’ve escalated your issue, so if they already have all your data, I believe you will be contacted as soon as physically possible.

I was totally paranoid about getting my own address correctly - I’ve double checked local spelling, international spelling, transliteration options until Google was able to point my location on a map almost precisely (± 50 meters). Still, sometimes shit happens even when having an address written correctly. Extra delay is unavoidable, but you will definitely get your unit! It is most likely BeatBuddy Manager Software will be ready by the time you’ll start playing with your unit! :slight_smile:

Thanks man. BB guys say my address was correct and their shipping label was correct. BUT… USPS reports it was sent to the wrong zipcode 11218 NOT the correct 11215. So, it was deemed “Undeliverable.” So what happened? Who knows? The bar code on the package has the zip code coded in so this is all truly a mystery… Thanks again for getting it on the front burner. We’ll see what happens next…

Hey, how was that tracking error named exactly?

Wasn’t it named ‘Undeliverable As Addressed’ by any way?

I decided to check Google for that - This could mean USPS guys ate shit and send the package to the wrong route. Anyways, did you try calling USPS (1 800 ASK USPS)? This could probably be their fault.

PMed you with an update. Check your private messages here on the forum.

dude. Have you ever called usps and tried to get ANYTHING done? Don’t make me laugh. It’s still odd cause the preprinted label has the zip code in it. Now, not casting blame but since I never saw the package the logistics company may have fucked up and put in Avenue instead of Street for my house address. That would DEFINITELY have caused this exact problem to occur. Anyway a replacement is supposed to be on the way according to an email I just received. Thanks for caring enough to help me out!

I am having delivery problems with DHL. I live about 60 miles from Toronto, Ontario and have not received my BeatBuddy yet. When I received my email with a tracking # I immediatley started tracking it. It reached the DHL Toronto area sorting depot Oct-8th. This facility is approximately 35-40min from my home. I could have picked it up. On the 9th it was sent to Nova Scotia (900 miles away). On the 10th it was sent back to Toronto where it seems to have vanished. Apparently the address on the waybill label was missing most of my information, the province and the postal code, phone number etc. I have also checked the Loomis tracking site with the same tracking number. That shows most the same info but it shown as being in Hamilton, Ontario.
I have been on the phone with DHL many times and they say they are investigating and trying to trace it. According to both company tracker systems, its been sitting somewhere for over a week now but they can’t find it. My Little BeatBuddy is lost and lonely somewhere in a dark corner of some Warehouse with probably lots of other lost packages. Nearly 12 days since it reached the Cincinnati distribution facility.
Anybody else had this problem?

Looks like DHL is really a pretty crappy logistics company.

Please contact support directly at, I am sure they will be able to find a nice solution for you. You won’t be left in the darkness, as no matter what haters may say, each and every customer is of insane value to Singular Sound!

Fear not! BB will make good. I also had shipping/delivery issues and they just sent along another one- which was correctly addressed. And it reached me ASAP. It was sent via USPS BTW.