Non-DOP to DOP Conversion?

Is it possible to change a non drums one press file to a drums one press (DOP) version?

It would be great to not have to worry about cuing parts.


It sounds like you want to convert a multi-part (Default BB) song to a one-press version? If you want to combine, say, an intro, main, transition, fill and outro, it’s possible but best done using a DAW.

Yes, precisely. Thanks for the reply. Is it as simple as just opening each part and adding them side by side in a DAW such as Reaper?

Kinda. First, you listen to the real song, and make notes of how it breaks down, I.e. intro, verse, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, for example. Then you place the parts in the DAW, side by side, REPEATING parts as necessary. A main loop might only appear once, or, you might need it 4 times in a row. It’s gonna depend on the song, and on how the non OP was made.

Once you get it all laid out properly, you merge the parts into one long midi section. Then, export that part, and that is your OP.

Nice! Thanks for the clarification and specifics. Just installed Reaper and am looking forward to learning how to do this.

You’re welcome! One more thing I didn’t specify. When you export the one long part, your export the part as a midi file. Export just the one track. If you have to, delete any unneeded tracks before the export. I don’t use Reaper, so I don’t know how robust it’s Export options are. It could be as simple as “Save Track as Midi.”

Thank You!