Non - GM mapped kits (like BB Latin) - how to edit beats?

I need help please. I am looking for a way to edit beats for drum-kits like the BB Latin Kit and the World Percussion kit. The otherwise excellent free BeatBuilder midi editor does not work for these kits. What editor should I use (I am on Mac OSX). Does anyone know if Logic ProX will do it? None of its forums seem to hold the answer.

I’m on a mac as well. I use Reaper as my main editor, and Aria Maestosa to “audition” midi files. If Logic will let you export a midi fragment, then it should work fine for you.

You can use the beta BBManager to edit the Latin beats. I will give it to you if you email me: :slight_smile:

It looks as if this is going to work really well, thanks. I have emailed you with some observations on the quirk I noticed.