noob question about voicelive 3 and beatbuddy

I am glad to join the ranks of the myriad of beat buddy users. I am trying to wrap my head around the midi sync feature. I have the beat buddy midi out hooked up to the voice live 3 midi in. The vl3 is setup to accept midi tempo via midi port and to channel 1 etc. The bb is setup for disabled mute pause. Should I be able to start and stop the voice live looper via the beat buddy external footswitch or just sync up loops. The voice live 3 is showing a midi message coming in and tempo is definitely matching up but I can never seem to get metronome or loop on vl3 to stop or start via beat buddy. am i missing something? i am on the latest firmware for both. thanks for your time!


I recall a user asked something very similar (as I already have visited the first link in my Google search results).

No midi sync support from the VL3 unit. Too bad, out of luck :confused:

No midi sync support…??? I have the VL3 and BB and they sync just fine. The metronome on the VL3 will sync up with the scrolling display on the BB. VL3 voice and guitar effects also sync to the tempo of the BB. I have not attempted to control the VL3 with MIDI from the BB yet. One thing to keep in mind is that once you record a loop at a certain tempo, the VL3 “kinda” stops listening to the BB clock, meaning if your loop is recorded at 110 bbm and you change the BB tempo to 78, the VL3 won’t change the tempo of the loop. I think you can manually do that, but it doesn’t happen automatically. What I do is bring up a loop with voice and guitar and set the tempo on the BB to match. Starting the BB then starting the VL3 loop will get things in sync again and you can try different drum patterns with your loop to find a good fit. The other option is to record the drum pattern like you want it on one of the VL3’s 3 loop channels, but it’s fun to keep the drums “live” so to speak, so you can leverage the BB’s dynamic capabilities.

Without a saved loop, changing the BB tempo will change the VL3 tempo and metronome to match.

This was most likely a dated thread, so something may have probably improved :slight_smile:
Anyway, glad you have your units working properly!