Norwegian wood (opb) (1.0) 2018-08-16 - beatles

a John song in 3/4, ending in setting a fire (which btw, he did often).

Ive taken the most important tab from the Complete Beatle’s Scores so you can see the downward progression through the D chords… very important to the sound … as is the 2/3 hammer-on into the G for the D/A in the intro.


IF you’re playing it on a 12 string Ric, then you’re in business, on a FENDER, use only the treble pickup and turn compression high.

This is TAKE 3 from the stuidio recordings … a very rare film. Therer are no PROMO videos of this song. It is supposed that one would would be done from this tape, but George Martin nixed it.

Download Here