NoSong....on BB

My Beat Buddy has ( No Song) on it!!..Have no clue why…
I am able to continue to work on my songs with the software…however it seems to be having issues…it shuts itself off on regular bases…and the midi files don’t sound good at all…tempo is off…drums do not sound like the ones I created…seems like some of the drum parts are missing…they sound great… before placing them into the software and sound fine in the folders on the computer playing thru windows media player… Wonder why?

im worried I may loose all my work…the songs I have been working on… in attempt to get the material back on the BB from the sd card!

Okay, let’s sort all the issues you are having one by one.


I do have a clue. You simply need to export all your songs back to BeatBuddy SD card. Plug your BeatBuddy to your computer (or insert a card directly into your card reader), then open BBManager with an opened project then do Import-Export > Export Project to Pedal. Safely remove the device in Windows, then unplug BeatBuddy. Your problem should be fixed.


Welcome to Windows! Pressing Ctrl+S (two buttons at the same time) as often as possible will help you never loose anything. This “trick” will not cure BBManager from having issues, still your project will be saved every time you press that key combination.


Please take a look at your other thread that I’ve just answered here -


Ctrl+S trick will help you not to loose work from e.g. sudden power surges and other bullshit moments.

The only thing how you can really loose your songs is to use Import-Export > Import Project from Pedal while you have an older version of the project on the pedal! So think twice before doing that, and make regular backups of your own created/edited songs via Import-Export > Export Song (or Export Folder for backing up the whole folder). This will help you restore your songs even if you screwed your project big time via corresponding Import operation!

Hope this clear some things up for you!
Have a great fun with your BeatBuddy, and never hesitate to ask and learn!

Re: thank you…you saved me!!!

It worked I was just about to have a stroke…I hope they are paying you good!!!

Thanks…a million…songs are back on beatbuddy!!!

This may come as a shock, but I am doing this absolutely for free…

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