Not honoring discount coupon

I received an email today from Singular Sound announcing a 5% discount on cart using the coupon “LiveTheBeat.” However, when I entered it in checkout, I got a message that “LiveTheBeat” coupon did not exist. Anyone else experiencing this?

Are you adding the coupon code to the cart after you add the products? Keep in mind this is for the physical products, not the library. I tested the coupon now and it works. If you continue to have issues with it, please send me an email at so we can arrange a time where I can see what’s happening on your end.

Thanks for the quick reply. Love beatbuddy. I went back and reread the email offer and it’s not clear that the promo excludes the library. It says “entire cart” without any clarifying language. I don’t need any further response but I think you need a better copy writer for your email offers.