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Hey guys, I’m not at all sure how the system works when you create and save a new file. All of the files I have are under BB temp files. I had a new one that I was working on but wouldn’t show on my pedal unless I was on the BB manager. I don’t know what I did in trying to save it where the other files are, but now nothing is showing on my pedal, unless I am connected to the manager. The pedal displays “NO SD CARD”, but everything is still there when I am connected to the BB manager.
…how can I fix this?

Because of the “NO SD CARD” message I get when I plug in my pedal, I am thinking that I may
have inadvertently deleted the files in my SD card? If so, how can I retrieve them from the
BB temp files in my computer and put them back on the card?

Here’s some tips to get you started on the path to recovery:

  • search the forum using NO SD CARD for solutions
  • if you haven’t done so recently, read the user quick start guide
  • from your description, it sounds like you may be using your computer OS to manage your BeatBuddy (BB) files; that’s a no-no as the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) is the only thing that should be used to manage your songs, beats, folder, projects and drum sets)
  • make sure your SD card is not locked
  • avoid connecting your pedal via USB to the BBM but instead, use the computer’s built-in SD slot reader; if your computer doesn’t have one, buying and using an external USB slot reader is money well-spent
  • if you can see and play the songs in your BBM, use the BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card and then accept the prompt for future synchronizations from the BBM to the SD card

Let us know if you get it sorted out and what you did to resolve the issue.

Thanks, I’ll check this out when I get home tonight and get back with a reply!

Persist! Thank you!
My pedal has been restored using your instructions.
My computer DID have an SD slot. I plugged it in and used
the BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card.
Everything is back as before…Thanks Again!!!

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That’s great news. Glad you’re up and running again.