Not sure about the 'Default Drum Kit' function implementation

From the manual, ‘Enable’ means the pedal will use the kit programmed for the song. ‘Disable’ means the pedal will override the one programmed into the song with one designated by the user.

Either I don’t fully understand how this is supposed to work or it could be implemented better, or both, or it’s OK the way it is.

What I see implemented is:

  1. Even with ‘Disable’ selected, the pedal will use the programmed kit until I select a new kit to override the programmed one. For the rest of this discussion, I’ll use ‘programmed kit’ to mean the one designated for the song, and ‘override kit’ as the one selected by the user for the pedal to substitute for all songs.

  2. One selects ‘Disable’ in the menu, then goes back to the song list or the song itself, selects a kit, then holds down the drum kit knob until the pedal tells you that the kit you’ve selected is now the override kit.

  3. I can select a new override kit by turning the kit knob, selecting a new kit, then holding down the knob. That’s fine.

  4. I can’t get back to using the programmed kit unless I go back into the menu and change the selection to ‘Enable’.

I’d like to see the ability to leave the Default Drum Kit feature as ‘Disable’ but to deselect an override kit so the pedal goes back to using the programmed kit without having to dig back into the menu. Maybe a double press of the Drum Kit knob? Maybe that’s too confusing to the user?

Also, I thought that powering down might leave no override kit but it actually made ‘Standard’ the default kit rather than the one I had previously selected (Mallet). So powering down left me with neither setting - it didn’t leave me with the one previously selected and it didn’t leave me with none selected. Maybe this is one I’ve got wrong - is the pedal supposed to use Standard as the override kit until told otherwise or is it supposed to use the last selected or is it supposed to remove the default override kit until a new one is selected?

Thoughts? The tempo logic is probably similar but I haven’t dug into it yet. The two feature sets should be programmed in a similar manner whichever way you guys go on these. I’d be happy to help flowchart/beta the logic if that would be of use.

What version firmware are you running?

I’m running the latest one they would send me - v1.7.5

That is a beta version, has the behaviour changed from the official version? It is important not to get the different versions confused. I would suggest not raising any issues with a Beta version on the forum but instead to raise it with the Beta team as it is still in the testing phase.
However I have never quite got this either, I think it does not work correctly in the current version (which I liked) and it got fixed in the beta (which I don’t like). However I personally don’t use the feature anymore and when choosing songs use the manager software, once happy I sync. If during practise the tempos or kits are wrong I can change it through the pedal and the settings stick - which I like.

I think raising it to this kind of detail is useful. I am used to storyboarding user interfaces and these discussions can be incredibly useful in chasing out what we want the user experience to be. I was hoping others might over there perspectives on how this function might work that would be beneficial to them.

I am not sure which version you like and I can’t say much about changed behaviors because I didn’t dig into this feature before this. Other than responding to the firmware email, is there another way to communicate with the developers?

Is the first rule of Firmware Club that we don’t talk about Firmware Club?

In the future, when I post stuff like this, I will include the firmware version.

I was having some issues round this issue and found the following:
Try enabling the default Drumkit option, strange as it may seem this uses the programmed kits, if you disable it then all the songs use the same drum kit you specify by turning the Drumkit selection knob - that is with beta 1.76b so I suspect 1.75 behaves the same. The new features will be documented before the official firmware is released.