Not sure what I am looking at under DRUM SETS

I was downloading and importing drums sets today and realized I am not clear what I am looking at when I click on the Drum Set tab in BBM. Some of the drums are bolded with a check mark in the box next to the drum set. Some drums sets are in italics with no box or check mark. And ones that I just imported are not bolded but have a box with no check mark in them.

What all does this mean?



After importing drumsets, you need to tick the checkmark box to complete the import so you can use it in your songs, and to place it on the pedal when you synchronize the project.

Italics = the drumset is in your project but not copied to the BBWorkspace’s drum_sets folder on your computer (it’s like the “under the hood” directory on your computer) and has not been opened for editing. (it will not appear in the BBWorkspace directory until your double-click on it)

Non-italics, no checkmark = drumset exists in your BBWorkspace drum_sets folder but is not currently in your project. Click the checkmark to bring it in the project.

Non-italics, with checkmark = drumset exists in your BBWorkspace and is currently in your project.

Thanks for this info. My drumsets were displayed like this when I created a new workspace and I couldn’t figure out why it was different from the old workspace.