*NP in Drum sets and Null

When downloading/importing posted songs I’ve been getting *NP {name of drum set} amd Null. What am I missing here?

*NP the asterisk means you do not have the drum set that the song was crafted with. The NP stands for non-percussion bass notes. It’s a kit that was modified to properly play and sound the bass notes. Unless the kit was a premium library kit, you can search, download, import and activate the drum set from the forum.

The NULL and in some cases Nil, is a MIDI file used as a placeholder in one-press format songs. For more information, you can search the forum for “acronyms.”

I tried the search but it was a broken link. Ex NP Standard Pro with bass. I bought the Premium collection. I also tried substituting set without the bass.

Phil_Flood has some kits that can substitute for the NP Standard Pro Bass kit. SUB-Standard Pro