NP Jazz Trio Brushes & Softer Strings

found the strings to be too loud for some jazz ballads. This has them reduced by 6 db.

Kits mapping remains:

Bass 0 through 31
Drums 35 through 59
Piano 60 through 96
Strings 97 through 127

Oh WoW, These are GAWD Horrible on Sound of Silence by Disturbedā€¦ Where are the NP Jazz Trio Brushes & Strings that should be used for the song?

This is really pathetic Phil that everytime a person needs something they have to cry to you or someone else. Im really not sure what the big deal is about purchasing this or that. I figure the company should take the shot on it for not taking care of business they way they should have with all the damn issues.

THEY need to fix this crap about having to ask for kits every time we need something. Im starting to get ticked about it so I cant even imagine what you guys go through. It would take a couple of hours to set up an area where all the good little folks like me who have sunk $500 + into this should have access to without bothering support for every little thing we do.

Got a great product thereā€¦ but the business plan sucks!

Check the first item on the search.