NP Jazz Trio XRp

After playing with the NP Jazz Trio brushes kit, I realized I really liked having that lower piano octave. At the expense of full GM drum compatibility, I then added the lower C1 octave. What do we lose - the whistles, two guiros, 2 wood blocks, 2 cuicas and 2 triangles. I kept the claves, as I like those. Claves are at midi 71.

This kit substitutes drumsticks for brushes. Fell free to balance the levels to your liking.

What you get - Bass from D1 to G3, full GM drums, except as mentioned above, so congas, bongos, etc., are all good, and a real nice piano from C1 through G5 which covers most anything you would throw at it, unless you are a big Rachmaninoff fan.

Documentation is included.

Drums panned left. Bass and piano panned right.

What is NP stands for?

Non-percussion. It means that the bass notes, and, in this case the piano notes, are designated as non-percussion with the BB drum kit maker. In earlier versions of BB firmware and software, this affected how notes end. If notes are designated as percussion, they all play out to their full length.

thanks for quick reply:grinning::grinning: