NP Standard Pro Bass

Hi all
I’m new to the BB and i am looking for v2 NP Standard Pro Bass that a lot of the songs on the resources site require. I believe I need to purchase the Standard pro Drum kit first from the Premium site first. Is that correct?

Is this the kit i need to purchase?

I appreciate your help!



I’m new and also after this one. Have bought the Standard Pro from Singular but not sure where my “forum inbox” is or the bass in this kit.



I also bought the Standard Pro kit kit but I am looking for the version with bass

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Same question here (newbie). I see songs like Black Magic Woman v1 require the Standard Pro kit. Is that a paid or free user resource one?
When it says “Pro” in the requirements section of the song file does that imply the paid kits?

Please advise

Standard Pro is a paid kit.

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Thanks Flood! You’re the best

I’ve just bought the Standard Pro kit - please can I get access to the bass mod too?

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Hi, same deal here. How do I get the NP Standard Pro Bass. Thanks

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Hello Phil,
I just bought the Standart pro kit from the main site.
Now I wanna ask you for your standart pro with bass set.

Hi Phil, I have just started out with BeatBuddy and have been following the forums and tips etc which has been very helpful in getting set up. I have now purchased the Standard Pro kit from Premium Library and would like to get access to the NP Standard Pro Bass kit used in a lot of user songs.



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New user here as well Phil, can you hook me up with the bass version? Thanks!

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Another request for the bass. Much appreciated.

I got it too.
Phil, please, may u help me?

And another conversation started. So, hey, everybody, it you want the kit contact me via conversation. I’d prefer to not have to write multiple responses to each request.

I’ve bought my beatbuddy from another user, so it wasn’t new, but its sd card had these drumkits…so…i haven’t bought them, but i got 'em…