Number of parts on the screen when loading song

Could be fine to have the number of Parts on the screen when you load a song on the BB
Something like the time signature or a little P2 or P3 etc…

We will likely not do this, The BB design is as it is and will not be going under any makeovers.

I will tag this as #considered for this reason

Thank you for the request!

Currently, the third line of all my songs is Genre: Playlist n… So much for a useful information. BTW, the BB does not know anything about genres. 4th line: Time sig. 4/4. 5th line: Drum set: Vintage Lu(wig).

All those information are fine, but I will (obviously personally) never have a need for those information neither before or while playing. But, as @NYHC, I would very much like to know how many parts there are in the current song. That’s pretty much the only thing I think about while playing (besides the lyrics, the chords, hitting the right notes, and why wouldn’t this lady in the back stop talking so loudly to its neighbor).

While being in the request realm, why not a section in the Settings that could be called Display that could let the user select what should be displayed on the main stopped/standby screen. e.g.: on line 3, 4, or 5 to be able to select either of [genre, time_signature, drum_set, other?]

I’m sure @NYHC does not have in mind to display a fancy workflow diagram the song parts. I (for one) would love to select an option that would display : 0:In. 3:Pts 1:Out. that would mean No intro, 3 parts, and an outro.

I think I gonna modify the name with a number at the end the song
Rock 1 P2 etc…

your idea for in and part and out is not bad
but for ex :if you disable the intro on the BB, the BB must change all the song to No intro, same for the outro hmm I guess this is to complicated for the little Box