Obelisk (analog synth original)

This one used a BeatBuddy hand percussion “Straight 8th” drum track. This one was mixed in real-time with the BeatBuddy, a short sequencer loop on a looper pedal, plus the analog synth all going into the mixer and recorded to disk as a single stereo track. I’d normally record each of those elements separately and mix them in post, but I was feeling creative at the time, so I captured it all at once. The sound quality probably would have been better using my normal process, though.


Quite enjoyable to watch you at work. Certainly a shift from your guitar-based and rock ‘n rollish music. This was a real treat to see how your music is evolving.

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Thanks! Yeah, I’ll probably get back to the rock genre at some point, but it will be nice to have the synth available to add some keyboard embellishments to songs that need it.

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