Octoberfest tunes

Hi, I am new to Beatbuddy and think it is a wonderful tool. I play accordion with a rockin roots band.
This time of year it is both lucrative and great fun to play solo at Oktoberfest parties. The usual categories for songs are waltzes, polkas, Rhinelanders, etc. As you knew there are very few of these genres in the default songs.
For instance there are only two Polkas and Waltzes . However there are others hidden such as Wonderful World within Dave’s Beats. There are others usable under 6/8 time signature even though waltzes are 3/4.
I am hoping that someone here has an interest in these songs and can point me to other hidden gems that they have used.

I intend to import other midi files in this genre but I have too much to learn yet about BB to use it for this season.
Any help will be appreciated, especially the sharing of songs either default or user created. Thanks

You can help us help you by identifying the song title and artist so that we’re not left guessing what you are looking for.

Most of the user-created content is one-press drums and one-press drums with bass.

Thank you persist for the quick reply,
For instance 99 Luftballoons by Nina is a current Oktoberfest favorite that would be great to cover.

I’ll see what I can do as one-press formats. Quite a few other requests in the queue.

I have found quite a few on-line by searching for “midi polka files”. Of course, once you get these, they would need to be converted to a BB song using the processes that we have developed for turning a midi file into a BB file.

This may help:

If you get confused, ask questions. We can help you out.