Deceptively tough to play correctly … so, in the pdf, I’ve included complete tabs for the intro, the solo and a few riffs. These are corrected from assorted versions around the internet. Also, near the tabs are playing hints. particularly hard is grabbing the 14th fret on the e string in the solo … watching a few videos, I’m convinced that the 14p12 is actually a 14 to a HARMONIC 12. If you do that you’ll find that fingerings fall into place.

This uses NP BOSENDORFER Jazz TRIO XP (Thanks Phil Flood). I’ve bumped up the drums somewhat, as well as bass. And I’ve ajusted the piano part somewhat. 4 beat hi-hat count in at th beginning to cue your intro solo riff.


This is Ringo and the Roundheads (2005 I think) … Its pretty close to the attached tab.

I have no intention of attempting to play this live myself, but I’m downloading it just to check it out.

Wow! That was great! And the PDF is perfect to follow along with. I’m reconsidering playing it myself. hahaha

It’s really a lot of fun when you get those riffs right. The intro riff is actually tougher than the solo. Intro riff us a takeoff of E pentatonic at that position.

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I get no sound when I import what am I doing wrong?

Make sure you have the kit that the song calls for downloaded, imported and active in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). This kit may require having both L and R outputs connected.

If you can’t find the kit, you can try the Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 72+C2 or Bosendorfer Jazz Trio 60+C1