Official Drum Kits with Bass


Hello everyone! In recent weeks, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about OPB songs, as they have been a very interesting alternative to live performances.

However, until today, I only managed to download the “Drum + Bass” kits that are free and available for download here in the forum (and even then I believe I do not have all).

I read something about Vintage + Bass kits and some other kits that involve paid kits.

I understand that obviously if I want to have access to these kits, I will have to buy the drum kits available from the SingularSound store, and I am willing to do so as I feel that the sound quality of my OPB songs is still low .

Is there any official way of buying these drum + bass kits?


There are no official drums + bass kits. There are premium drum sets that users have added bass guitar to. In order to get the drums and bass kits, you have to buy the premium kits. My opinion is that the Standard Pro and Vintage Ludwig are the two best. Once you have proof of purchase for one (or both) of these kits, you can search this forum (search on the word cult or initiation) and then send a PM to the user in that thread.

There is another option. Phil Flood has created free alternative kits to the NP Standard Pro Bass and NP Vintage Ludwig Bass kits. Try those and see what you think.