This one took a while to get it right. “Ohio” is played differently on every album it’s been in, both studio and live. The BB version is from the “So Far” album. Midi files were crap and needed work. Intro’s were wrong, solo timings were so-so. A few things, the cheatsheet is “2 in 1” because the song should be played in “double drop D”, “DADGBD”, so, on the cheat you’ll see things in black and things in red for “standard” and “Double Drop D” . Chord forms are given for both tunings. Red font is for double drop D stuff. Correct tab is included for the solos, etc etc. Use NP Standard Pro, turn gain way up for that overdrive sound.

HINT: Re the playing…watch the timing carefully. After the 2nd intro riff, if you don’t start the intro solo (the 3-5 slides) soon enough, you’ll be 1/2 measure off but it’ll sound ok until you get to the bridge section. Best advice, listen to the recording while reading the tab.

ohio.zip (149.9 KB)



Tanks Phil.

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