Old Forum gone?

Is the old forum gone, just offline or what? Folks are looking for links.

Old forum now back online.


Gone crazy, man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The old forum still works fine, but new registration is not possible. :smiley:

Actually, the old forum doesn’t work. It comes back unexpected database error. It seems like all the work that was done for download is gone as well, although Singular has this message saying it’s working on retrieving that - it doesn’t give any more information - like months, years??? If they can’t retrieve, what a major waste of a lot of creativity.

OK, when I posted that message back on Sep 7, the Old Forum was giving a 404 error when trying to just find the Forum. I presume this was hurricane related, as, like Persist indicated, the Old Forum came back up on Sep. 10.

As far as content on the Old Forum goes, that was all lost in November 2017. The vast majority of content was reposted, but some content from now missing users is still gone. Also, some users decided not to report content, owing to Singular’s incompetence at not having a viable back-up for the forum. There have been literally dozens of messages posted detailing the loss of the Old Forum’s content. And. yeah, it sux.