Old guy takes a lead break

Using the BB and a Boomerang looper. We are a husband and wife duo that does background “classy” type restaurant gigs. This is a lead section from Oooh Child…live looped.



Tasty chops.

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Hey thanks. I am a rocker turned “jazzy” type player. It has been and continues to be a long road of learning…but it is fun.

Very well-placed rake, there!
Just curious, there were good opportunities for fills, why not use them?

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Fills as in drum fills? I don’t use any of the drum fills…not one. If you are referring to the drum fills, I have enough going on with looping etc to keep my head above water…I certainly agree they can add to the music, but I try to play relaxed, not having to think about too much beyond the looping. Also, I find some of the fills to be a bit much. I would be eyeing the drummer all night long if he did some of the fills the BB adds.

I do get your point though…

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