Old songs & Drums?

Does anyone know what happens to older songs and drum sets? I lost my SD card and I had the backup go to the card??. I’m new to this and I’m set now but, I had a version of Jane Says that was great. It didn’t need steel drums which I can not get without the piano version. I’m just wondering if they get deleted or are on a different site? Thanks

If you’re referring to the version of Jane Says that I uploaded, it’s still in Resources (search Resources and Resources/Drum kits)
Although the kit included piano, I think I did the song with drums and bass but without the piano

It would be nice to add drum kits to the resource section instead of using dropbox etc,
which seems to have a mind of it’s own for not being available .
Someone asked me last week for Rock w bass low D … I know who made it & shared it w a dropbox acct., but there is no longer a link .
I tried to share it to the forum, but it ( the forum) only accepts 2mg of data … that’s not enough for a cymbal. ?
Not having a dropbox acct. … nor particularly wanting one, leaves me out of another loop.
Oh Well, … back to playing guitar :wink:

No I don’t believe it was the version you did. I did try both 1&2 you made and its not the same. I do thank you for taking the insane time it takes to make all the songs you have made.
Like I said I’m new to this and it does have a learning curve.(at least for me)
Thanks again.

I have found this problem also. Dropbox is kind of a pain but to get some of the jams its worth it.
Enjoy your jam time!