Older drum sounds

hey folks, i just installed the new drum sounds, (Brushes Drumset to v3 and Default Content to v2.1) and it turns out i really miss the earlier brush drumset. i feel like they were mellower. is there anyone that knows any way to revert back to the old drum sounds, especially the brushes drumset?


just restore the old contens, with backup files on de Singular sound page. Download SD card backup 2.1

thanks for the response, appreciate your time. but how do i restore the old contents? SD card backup 2.1 is the current/new stuff. where can i find the old contents to restore?


Here is a link. About halfway down the page you will see previous firmware that you can upload.

thanks, jefgil, appreciate your time. i’m a little confused though, between firmware and drumset sounds. does reverting to older firmware automatically roll you back to the older drumset sounds? i thought the two were independent issues? because when i upgraded it was two separate things. 1) new firmware and 2) new drumset sounds?

can you clarify?

thanks again for your time.

E-mail Support, support@singularsound.com and ask if they can help you.

thanks for the response, appreciate it. and i’m sorry to sound stupid, i’m fairly technically capable, but:

‘the earlier brush drumset’…what? what are you saying here? all i can find is firmware upgrades. do the firmware upgrades include the new drumset sounds? because as i mentioned above, i ugraded the firmware on my pedal and then i upgraded to the new drumset sounds. they were two separate processes and two separate files when i did it.

so i’m still confused as to where to find the earlier drumset sounds. are they contained within the older firmware if i downgrade to that?

appreciate the time, thanks again.

Firmware upgrades do not include drum sounds. Singular normally just has the current default content available for download. For earlier default content, your best bet might be to make a request on the forum.

I think the confusion stems (well, at least for me) is that you don’t care for the sound of the updates to the Brushes Drumset to v3 and Default Content to v2.1 and don’t quite have enough familiarity with the BeatBuddy system to know what to ask for. So I’m a gonna take a stab and suggest that what I think you need is to revert to the default content v2.0. Hope I’m not adding more confusion to this thread :rofl:

There are two possible ways to do so.

  1. When you updated to the Default Content v2.1 and the Brushes Drumset, you might still have the Default Content v2.0 in your bbworkspace folder projects. The way to go about finding out if you have it is to use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Open Project and when the navigation window opens, look to see if the folder BeatBuddy Default Content 2.0 - Project is displayed—if so, select Open and you should have your older content available. I don’t know though if that includes the older Brushes Drum set (I think it does). Just because it doesn’t show up in your bbworkspace projects folder doesn’t mean that you don’t still have it on your computer somewhere. You can use your computer OS to search for Default Content 2.0. If you backup your computer, you could also possibly have it in a backup.
  2. The other option is to search the forum for BeatBuddy_Default_Content_2.0-Project_SD_Card_backup and download, unzip and copy to your SD card and then open and save it to your bbworkspace projects folder. Since you’ve already put up with enough aggravation, here’s the link to the download and the supporting forum thread: DOWNLOAD THIS SD CARD BACKUP and https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/news/beatbuddy-default-content-major-update/

Good luck and let us know if this gets you closer to what you need. If not, do as I suggested and contact Support, support@singularsound.com and library@singularsound.com (Goran Rista)

awesome, thanks i’ll try this stuff.